Alluvium Panel at English: Shared Futures

Call For Papers for the Alluvium Panel at English: Shared Futures, Manchester 2020.

Interrogating the Boundaries of the Literary in the 21st Century: Emerging Ideas”

Alluvium is seeking bright, bold, and brilliant emerging ideas about twenty-first century literature for an Alluvium special panel at English: Shared Futures.

This conference is a fantastic place to meet researchers, educators, and advocates for the subject of English and to join in a larger conversation about the future of the humanities.

The Alluvium Panel will explore the idea of  literary boundaries in the 21st Century whether of genre, form, discourse or discipline.   We invite proposals for flash papers on any topic which addresses this theme in all parts of literary scholarship (pedagogy, literary interpretation, theory, genre studies, twenty-first century literary culture, etc.). Since Alluvium is dedicated to promoting new voices, we especially welcome contributions from PhD students and ECRs and from those at the early stages of new research projects.

We will be putting together a panel of 6 speakers (8 minutes each). Not only will this format allow for wider panel discussion, but it reflects the short-form interventions that Alluvium encourages. If you want to be considered for this exciting panel please send:

1) A flash paper abstract (c.150-200 words)
2) Your name and best contact details
3) Three keywords that best reflect your paper

to managing editors Chloe Ashbridge, Zoe Bulaitis, and Caroline Wintersgill at by 1st September 2019.

Note that papers submitted for this panel will also be considered for publication in a special issue on the same theme, to be published in 2020.

Please feel free to share this CFP!

About Alluvium:

Alluvium is an open access scholarly journal dedicated to 21st-century writing as well as 21st-century approaches to the literary canon. Written by leading academics in the field, the journal offers topical columns that are intended to reflect upon key issues and emerging trends in literature and literary criticism, and open up discussion through the site’s message boards accompanying each piece.  If you want to write for the journal please get in touch at

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