Sham(an) Songbird

By Rhys Trimble

IT IS IMPORTANT TO WASH THESE LEAD ANIMALS WITH songerings-a-rung, a-chant, a roughy / unsway/ & stirs – Maggie O’Sullivan

ascesis vocal greenstick
yarrow gnostic & differently
interrealmic bleed to edge
something. (ystafell) a chroeso
ALTOstratum: ID_illick
@triage //ways the/weighs the
roseMADDER & egg blackness
self-divination & prescie(nt)(nce)
sentimentality songerings
fornix tend to awe
& freckled warnings, vatic
earthMAIN. interossic strik
[ken] [ing] most incompletion
(fine bruise) sign play overflow
{stacking} burnt & desired
soul without anima ://minor
injury bridal hatred
balloon controlled area
unimaginable distortion “aboulia
sentimentality & monstrosity
lunge pulmonary rayblocker
pelt of fleece rumpus
charred chalet (red) “green” of
shades ‘five five’ pupils, iris
and rungbearer anthro
pocence vibrational monotype & wild
discus: sucked breakneck
axeline wingnut

hissy angel-at-zero
circle pegging lean
scissorstar fucking
Giclée twinkle dun
angling DMT via kisses
parola & creosoted
crumbling torque tower fig
(ur)(e)ach signification wheel
or tower of tizzy criticism
situations rimmed silvie
twistpair – wren over
caste & container flot
jet wicks effluvium
axeline worming & is foxles(s)
counterlexis a wall
an unleavened staple

durational unallowed
rock abreasted possibility
short flexible echo
torque incompletion flot freckle
wheel turned jetpills
caste pegged tears
nail-cobbed kerat (bara lawr)
antithesis b(a)ird unsettling
headback phallic
occasionally plovers
conjuring plutonian wens
seize-up the flooring
tears pre-wooded
magical unsettling torque lord
induction doctor blind
crucifix of the blue feather
lord-hoffedd kelping
becomes leaner icicle
less pinking shears
foxless trappings &
connexions angling
sawtolimit worming
scummed their wild pre tears
bloodlunging wonderful.

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About the Author

Dr Rhys Trimble is a bilingual poet, text artist, performer, drummer, editor, critic, collaborator, shaman, staff-wielder and shoutyman based in Wales. The author of more than a dozen books, including his latest, Swansea Automatic, he is interested in avant-garde poetry and Welsh metrics. He edits ctrl+alt-del e-zine. He has performed in countries around the world and his work has been translated into Slovak, Polish, Latvian and Turkish.

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